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The ANR COoL-AMmetropolis project : towards establishing virtuous scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis (France)
by Prof. Irène XUEREF-REMY, Mrs./Ms. Aurélie Riandet, Mr. Ludovic Lelandais, Mrs./Ms. Marine Claeys, Mrs./Ms. Frédérique Hernandez, Mrs./Ms. Marie-Laure Lambert, Dr. Valéry Masson, Dr. Alexandre Armengaud, Dr. Antoine Nicault


The Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis (AMPm), located sout-east of France, is the second most populated area of the country. The regional air quality agency called ATMOSUD delivers a high resolved inventory. This inventory estimates that the AMPm emits about 23.8 MteqCO2/year (about 95% of CO2, 4% of CH4 and 1% of N20). Most of these emissions (96%) are supposed to outcome from the burning of fossil fuels and 4% of biogenic sources. The AMPm area is strongly industrialized, and about 70% of fossil CO2 emissions (FFCO2) are estimated to come from the industrial and energy sectors. The traffic sectors (including both airborne and maritime ones) are estimated to cause 18% of FFCO2 emissions, and private/business buildings about 5% of FFCO2. The COoL-AMmetropolis project (2020-2025), funded by the National Research Agency (ANR) aims at : 1/ verifying independently the ATMOSUD AMPm inventory by top-down approaches, with the goal of assessing the current state of AMPm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their associated uncertainties ; 2/ assessing the content of AMPm environmental plans for reducing AMPm CO2 emissions ; 3/ exchanging regularly with local stakeholders for building virtuous FFCO2 emissions mitigation scenarios for the AMPm territories in 2030 and 2050 and for the main emission sectors ; 4/ modeling these scenarios at the metropolis to the district scale using a high resolved atmospheric transport model in order to : take into account the high spatio-temporal variability of emissions on the AMPm territories ; and to generate high resolved CO2 concentration maps, with the aim of helping local stakeholders to first take consciousness through these virtual tools of the potential of their possible actions, and then to take the most efficient actions for reducing FFCO2 emissions. We will present the methodology of the COoL-AMmetropolis project as well as an overview of the results obtained so far, especially those performed on the assessment of the ATMOSUD emissions inventory through the analysis of datasets collected within a new dedicated in-situ atmospheric CO2 metropolitan mini-network, as well as radiocarbon, carbon monoxide, black carbon, nitrogen oxide, volatil organic compound and boundary layer height campaigns.


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Topic : Theme 2: State of play in integrated approaches for advanced GHG emission estimates and the way forward to operational services.
Reference : T2-B18

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