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Seasonal variability of precipitation and temperature over Egypt during 2014 using Climate Monitoring Tool (CMT)
by Dr. Awatif Mostafa


Climate Monitoring Tool (CMT) is used to generate time series and spatial analysis of both rainfall and temperature at different time scales for 12 Egyptian climate stations. The daily mean observations and monthly mean reanalysis data during the period 1974-2014 are used to discuss climatic distribution of precipitation and temperature over Egypt. This article aims to detect the behavior of winter and summer season in 2014 based on climatic period 1981-2010 for observations. The study also investigates correlations between the NAO, ONI and precipitation, temperature in both north and south of Egypt during winter and summer seasons. The results showed that, 2014 was characterized by a sequence of warm waves during the winter and summer seasons. Precipitation was marked by a strong regional disparity with rainfall deficit in the south and surplus in the north. Finally, Overall, precipitation was below normal and temperature was above-normal in 2014 based on climatology period (1981-2010).


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Topic : Theme 1: Oceans and Hydrology.
Reference : T1-B21

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