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The Impact of Measurement Methodology on the Systematic Errors of Sea-Level Measurements
by Mr. Lachlan Nicholls, Dr. Jane Warne


The determination of sea-level has evolved dramatically over the last thirty years. Traditionally observed by directly noting the sea water against a graduated staff on a pylon, today there are various technologies available, including; float gauges, bubbler tubes, as well as acoustic and radar sensors. While the precision of the measured sea-level has improved dramatically, the systematic errors associated with the different methodologies are less well understood. Presented here are the results of investigations into the impact of enclosures, or "stilling wells", on estimates of sea level. Quantities of influence such as wind and temperature are explored, as well as how the estimate of sea-level varies depending on the technology used, particularly with regard to acoustic and radar sensors.


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Topic : Theme 1: Oceans and Hydrology.
Reference : T1-B20

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