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ACTRIS-EU topical centre for reactive trace gases in situ measurements: activities and future developments
by Dr. Thérèse Salameh, Dr. Ralf Tillmann, Dr. Anja Claude, Dr. Stefan Reimann, Dr. Robert Wegener, Dr. Silja Hame


The Research Infrastructure ACTRIS (Aerosol, Cloud and Trace Gases Research InfraStructure, is the pan-European initiative that consolidates strategies amongst European partners for observation of aerosols, clouds, and trace gases. ACTRIS-RI brings together more than 100 laboratories of excellence from 25 different countries working on atmospheric sciences. Within ACTRIS, the Topical Centre for Reactive Trace Gases in-situ Measurements (CiGas: provides operational support to ACTRIS National Facilities (observational platforms, exploratory platforms) operating reactive trace gases in-situ measurements instrumentation, as well as related services to ACTRIS users in this field. The focus is to ensure (1) sustainable and traceable high-quality data and data products with known uncertainty, (2) to implement advanced technologies and data evaluation algorithms, (3) testing of prototypes, and (4) to enhance the competence of the operative staff by training. CiGas operates and supports measurement techniques and observations of the following reactive trace gases: (1) Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (typically up to 50 NMHCs); (2) Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) such as terpenes; (3) Oxygenated VOCs (OVOCs) such as formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.; (4) condensing vapours and direct aerosol precursors, Highly Oxygenated Molecules (HOM; e.g. C10H14O9); (5) Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) such as NO and NO2. Here, we will give an overview of CiGas activities and future developments to support the scientific community dealing with trace gases measurements in-situ.


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Topic : Theme 1: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
Reference : T1-A21

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