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The NIST Greenhouse Gas Urban Testbed System
by Dr. Anna Karion, Mr. Tyler Boyle, Dr. Kimberly Mueller, Dr. Israel Lopez-Coto, Dr. Subhomoy Ghosh, Dr. James Whetstone


Three urban testbeds have been established by the NIST Greenhouse Gas Measurements Program: Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Washington/Baltimore. These are collaborative multi-institution projects (including federal agencies, universities, and the private sector), combining atmospheric measurements and analysis to estimate urban greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related uncertainties. GHG’s are measured from dense high-accuracy tower networks and during periodic aircraft campaigns. Each testbed hosts additional observations and analyses aimed at quantifying GHG emissions, often complemented by outside researcher-led campaigns that leverage existing long-term monitoring. Here we present an overview of each testbed along with recent scientific results, ongoing measurements, and future plans for the system. The goal of the testbed system is bringing emissions estimates derived using various methodologies into consensus. We show examples of such compatibility between estimates in Indianapolis, evidence of emissions reductions during the COVID-19 shutdown in March and April of 2020 in both Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and more recent work on long-term methane trends in Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland. We also highlight and discuss the largest sources of uncertainty in our emissions estimates.

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Topic : Theme 2: State of play in integrated approaches for advanced GHG emission estimates and the way forward to operational services.
Reference : T2-B1

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