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ACTRIS, an essential European research infrastructure for the provision of high-quality data and observation standards for short-lived atmospheric species
by Mr. Paolo Laj, Mrs./Ms. Eija Juurola, Mr. Niku Kivekäs, Mrs./Ms. Carmela Cornacchia, Mrs./Ms. Rosa Maria Petracca Altieri, Mr. Giuseppe Gargano


ACTRIS is a distributed pan-European research infrastructure (RI) included in the ESFRI roadmap since 2016 (ESFRI landmark since 2021), soon to be established as a legal entity with the support of 14 founding countries. ACTRIS integrates observation platforms, atmospheric simulation chambers and mobile vectors in Europe and provides access to high-quality data documenting both spatial and temporal variability of key atmospheric species and experiments performed in controlled atmosphere. ACTRIS addresses a large variety of measurements, documenting the atmosphere from ground to stratosphere, with time scales ranging from seconds to days with the proper quality required by users. Producing high quality data and ensuring harmonized and advanced procedures for the characterization of the atmospheric composition is central in ACTRIS. The RI is constructed around the expertise of its Central Facilities ensuring that measurement procedures are state-of-the-art, and that all measurements are fully traceable and accessible with the proper uncertainties and constrains for the users. ACTRIS operates 8 expertise centers (called Topical Centers in ACTRIS) responsible for ensuring fully traceable procedures from production of data, compliance with operating procedures and quality protocols across the entire facilities. The Topical Centers address both in-situ and remote sensing techniques for aerosol, clouds and traces gases, and the ACTRIS DC is managing data and providing open access to data and data products. Through the operation of some TCs and DC, ACTRIS supports activities performed by the Global Atmosphere Watch program for quality control of observations (World Calibration Centers and World Data Centers) and contributes to reliable and comparable measurements of the "Essential Climate Variables" as defined by the WMO-GCOS. ACTRIS has been cooperating with National Metrological Institutes for many years to develop new reference standards needed for the observation of short-lived species, in particular through the EMPIR initiative. The contribution of ACTRIS towards defining reference material and standards for atmospheric observations of short-lived species and its role in implementation of the procedure throughout the network of facilities in Europe and beyond will be presented. The activities will help to improve our understanding of air quality, human health, and climate, and the increasing influence of the human activity on climate and the effects of climate change.


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Topic : Theme 1: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
Reference : T1-A15

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