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Metrology, meteorology and climatology: joint effort on uncertainty evaluation
by Prof. Maurice Cox, Dr. Walter Bich, Dr. Andrea Merlone


Working Group 1 of the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology, JCGM, and the ET-MU of the WMO held a workshop on “Measurement uncertainty in meteorology and climatology”. The workshop took place online on 5 and 6 April 2022. Its aims were - to recognize the current level of convergence in the field of measurement uncertainty; - to identify the outstanding problems (see “topics” below); - to contribute to addressing their solution; - to prepare one or more joint contributions (written or presentation) on measurement uncertainties (MU) in climate and meteorological measurements for the BIPM-WMO Workshop in September 2022. The topics covered were - Uncertainty-related concepts: precision, accuracy, calibration, traceability, representation uncertainty; - Modelling, definition of the measurand; - Bottom-up and top-down approaches (reconciliation); - Case examples. Nine presentations were given on the these topics, followed by a round table. Seventy-seven scientists, from all continents, registered for the event, and the average attendance was about sixty. In general, the workshop contributed to enhancing the cooperation between the JCGM-WG1 and the ET-MU of the WMO. In particular, it helped better understand which topics deserve highest priority. The key issues identified were: - the relationship between the “representation uncertainty” of meteorology-climatology and the “definition of the measurand” of metrology; - the interconnection between metrological traceability and measurement uncertainty, often misunderstood in both fields; - the invaluable role of modelling the measurement in a valid assessment of measurement uncertainty; - the reconciliation of bottom-up and top-down approaches in a unique framework. Some further specific issues were highlighted. As an example, there is a common need to extract meaningful means and standard uncertainties from time series. In the presentation, a summary report of the workshop and the outcomes of the round table including possible contribution to future recommendations are given. The key topics listed above are also briefly discussed.


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Topic : Theme 1: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
Reference : T1-A33

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