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COAT Project: Intercomparison of thermometers and radiation shields in polar climate
by Dr. Carmen Garcia Izquierdo, Mrs./Ms. Marina Parrondo, Dr. Andrea Merlone, Dr. Yves-Alain Roulet, Dr. Angelo Viola


Air temperature measurements are performed by different combinations of thermometers and radiation shields. The response of each system (thermometer + radiation shield) to air temperature changes, residual sun radiation, wind, humidity, etc. depends on the system itself, i.e. on the model of both components, shield and thermometer. This makes the worldwide comparability of air temperature measurements limited, creates inconsistencies in climate data series and reduces the accuracy and reliability of long-term air temperature data. Field intercomparisons of instruments have been identified by WMO as a useful tool to increase the comparability of measurements taken at different times, in different places, and with different equipments. WMO, aware of the importance of air temperature measurements in meteorology and climatology and considering the strong influence of external factors on air temperature measurements, encourages the organization of comparisons of thermometers and radiation shields at different climate conditions. In particular, no intercomparison of thermometers and radiation shields in polar climate was performed so far. In this frame, the project COAT - Increasing the comparability of extreme air temperature measurements for meteorology and climate studies - was selected and funded by the European Metrology Research Program, EMPIR, as a prosecution of the MeteoMet activities. COAT project has WMO as the main supporter and it aims at organizing, conducting and analysing the results of an intercomparison of thermometers and radiation shields in the arctic research area of Ny-Ålesund – Svalbard. The project, started in October 2020 and it ends in April 2024. Its consortium is composed by an international multidisciplinary team, including meteorologists, Earth science researchers and metrologists. The three main deliverables of this project are (i) to develop a comparison protocol in agreement with WMO rules of procedure, (ii) the providing of a report with the result of the intercomparion for the involved radiation shields and thermometers project, and (iii) the development of a best practice guides for air temperature measurements in polar regions This contribution presents the project, with the comparison procedure, the selection of the instruments, the description of the preliminary calibration of the involved instrumentation, their deployment in Ny-Ålesund and the analysis of the initial measurement results.


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Topic : Theme 1: Cryosphere monitoring.
Reference : T1-E7

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