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Design and performance assessment of “Mid Cost” CO2 sensor system for urban monitoring network.
by Mr. Olivier Laurent, Mr. Luc Lienhardt, Mrs./Ms. Mali Chariot, Dr. Michel Ramonet, Dr. Leonard Rivier, Mr. Hervé Utard


In the framework of the ICOS Cities – PAUL, a H2020 European project aiming to assess different techniques and methodologies to better estimate the CO2 emission in urban area, the LSCE is developing and deploying a network of 30 “mid cost” CO2 NDIR sensors within Paris and its near suburb. In addition to few stations equipped with high precision spectrometers, such dense “mid cost” CO2 sensor network allows a better monitoring of the complex spatial distribution of CO2 gradient at a local scale. In order to represent larger footprint and avoid the direct measurement of very local CO2 sources (e.g. traffic) difficult to handle by inversion model, these sensors are deployed at the roof level (between 25m and 180m agl). With such network configuration, the typical site to site CO2 gradient observed in Paris is limited to few ppm and up to 10-20 ppm depending mainly to the meteorological conditions (wind speed, mixing layer height). In order to be able to monitor this atmospheric signal, the “mid cost” CO2 sensors accuracy target has been set at 1 ppm. This presentation presents the results of the “mid cost” CO2 sensor sensitivities test to environmental parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity) and metrological performance test conducted at the ICOS ATC Metrology Lab (at LSCE), the related calibration and quality control strategy to meet the performance objective and the integration done to provide a stand-alone sensor box (so called AtmoBox) suitable for operational network.


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Topic : Theme 2: Novel GHG concentration and flux methods and sensors.
Reference : T2-C10

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