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Metrology Lab of the ICOS Atmospheric Thematic Center: a platform for GHG instrument/sensor performance assessment
by Mr. Olivier Laurent, Mrs./Ms. Carole Philippon, Dr. Camille Yver Kwok, Dr. Leonard Rivier, Dr. Michel Ramonet


Since its inception, ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is aiming to provide harmonized high precision data for advanced research on carbon cycle and greenhouse gas (GHG) budgets over Europe. For that purpose, the ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre (ATC), located at LSCE in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, has evaluated and implemented, in collaboration with the National Networks, standard protocols for GHG measurement and the corresponding data processing. Any GHG instrument deployed in the ICOS atmospheric network initially passes at the ATC MLab to verify its compliance with the performance specifications defined in ICOS, via a standard protocol. With such metrological assessment activity over the last decade, ICOS ATC MLab has tested hundreds of GHG instruments/sensors, ranging from prototypes to proven systems, according to standards in connection with manufacturers, research labs and institutions. This ICOS activity which is relevant to guaranty the data quality and maintain ICOS knowledge on state-of-the-art GHG metrology, tends to become also a reference for GHG benchmarking. After presenting the metrological assessment protocol with some use cases, the presentation will focus on the interest of such standard “benchmarking”, especially with the emergence of new applications, new actors in the domain.


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Topic : Theme 2: Accuracy requirements for atmospheric composition measurements across economic sectors, and temporal and spatial scales.
Reference : T2-A20

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