Workshop Program
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Workshop Program

Detailed information for Topic Discussion Sessions
29-30 September 2022 (13h00 to 15h00, UTC+2)

These are two days of online parallel meetings for the 9 Topics covered by the workshop. Each Topic area will meet on each day for 2hrs, with Topic Chairs and Rapporteurs acting as meeting facilitators, with the goal of drafting and discussing issues and recommendations on requirements for measurements and metrology for each Topic.

An initial list of issues and potential recommendations will be drafted based on material already submitted to the workshop by Topic Chairs and posted in the ‘Draft Recommendations’ section of the website on 19 September. Participants will be able to view and contribute to the posted document, for the Topic Session they registered for from 19 September onwards (the document will be accessible via the ‘Participant Access’ Link to participants on 19 September).

The discussion sessions will be run on the ZOOM meeting platform and will be accessible to participants via the workshop webpage and through their ‘Participant Access’ Link.

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